"Oh, I think you’ll find the contents of that laptop …" “… include a GPS locator. By now, your brother will have noticed the theft, and security services will be converging on this house. Having arrived they’ll find top secret information in my hands and have every justification to search my vaults. They will discover further information of this kind and I’ll be imprisoned. You will be exonerated, and restored to your smelly little apartment to solve crimes with Mr and Mrs Psychopath.” (Charles Augustus Magnussen, The Empty Hearse)


Sherlock Creative Challenge

↳ [4] Favourite Female Character - They’re all important and must be protected at all costs. I totally can’t and don’t want to choose between them, because they all have something that I like, and something that I don’t like. And they all have flaws and aren’t purely perfect, which makes me in love with them even more.


John is the sexiest motherfucker out there.


because everyone needs benedict’s rainbow eyes on their blog


because everyone needs benedict’s rainbow eyes on their blog



Sherlock looking at John + the good and the bad

I just can’t believe before series 3 some people used to believe he’s a sociopath

sherlock wearing: the sheet

There’s nothing to be done. I’m not a villain, I have no evil plan. I’m a businessman, acquiring assets. You happen to be one of them.

Getting a photo with a celebrity







∞ Scenes of Sherlock

John: So what about you, then? Where are you actually going now?
Sherlock: Oh, some undercover work in Eastern Europe.
John: For how long?
Sherlock: Six months, my brother estimates. He’s never wrong. 

Sherlock + bokeh